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Security Infrastructure

Controlled Temperature

Adhering to specific temperature ranges, including Controlled Cold (36° - 46°F / 2° - 8°C) and Controlled Non-Cold (68° - 72°F / 20° - 25°C).

Extensive Monitoring

Our extensive monitoring ensures precise tracking and oversight, guaranteeing optimal conditions and compliance throughout pharmaceutical logistics operations.


We hold Healthcare and Pharma licenses, requiring years to obtain and significant costs for compliance maintenance.

24/7 Security

Ensuring round-the-clock security, we provide continuous protection for pharmaceutical products, maintaining integrity and peace of mind at all times.

Secure Transportation

Ensuring secure transportation, we employ advanced measures to safeguard pharmaceutical products, maintaining integrity and reliability throughout the supply chain.

Customized Solutions

Our customized solutions cater to unique needs, offering tailored strategies for pharmaceutical logistics that optimize efficiency and exceed client expectations.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensures healthcare products meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing safety, efficacy, and compliance throughout the logistics process.

Emergency Response

Emergency response ensures prompt and efficient delivery during unforeseen events, guaranteeing continuity and reliability in pharmaceutical logistics.

Bio-metric access control

Our premises employ bio-metric access control for enhanced security and restricted entry.

Proximity card

Our security system includes proximity card access for authorized entry and heightened premises protection

Backup power for up to 10 days.

Our facility's backup power solution, a 7,500 gallon diesel generator, sustains full operations for 10 days.

Approved for DEA

Our facility is DEA-approved for handling schedules II through V controlled substances, meeting strict regulatory standards.

Operating 12 Facilities
across the US

Memphis Campus

Total Area :
1,261,600 sf

Pleasant Hill Rd. - HDQTRS (PA1)

150,000 sf
20oC to 25oC
150,000 sf
20oC to 25oC
150,000 sf
20oC to 25oC

Southpoint (PA2)

300,600 sf
15oC to 25oC

Mendenhall (PA3)

522,000 sf
15oC to 25oC
2,000 sf
02oC to 08oC , -20oC capacity

Getwell Road

289,000 sf

South Florida Campus

Total Area :
136,000 sf

Boca Raton (951)

72,760 sf
15oC to 25oC

Pompano Beach (750)

63,240 sf
15oC to 25oC

Moreno Valley, CA

179,510 sf
15oC to 25oC

Lockbourne, OH

179,510 sf
15oC to 25oC

Dayton, NJ

135,00 sf
15oC to 25oC

Sugar Land, TX

50,000 sf
15oC to 25oC

Ft. Worth, TX

215,600 sf
15oC to 25oC

Atlanta, GA

141,000 sf
15oC to 25oC
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